24 / 7 planning scheduling made easy.

  • Your team needs to be working day and night.
  • No one else than you knows how to edit your planning spreadsheet.
  • People loose track of which version of the planning is the current one.

Horair.es helps people like you build and manage complex schedules.

Create you schedules

Have all the information you need to assign people when you need it.

Plan holidays

Assign all the team holidays before diving into the planning.

Check your work

You can make sure you have been fair to all the team at a glance.

Share with the team

Everyone can access the latest version of the planning from a link.

Track changes

See what has changed between different versions of the schedule.


Many people can collaborate to edit a schedule.

  • Does not cost you more than you use it
  • 5 CHF (or 4.5€) per person per month
  • All functionalities included

Managing my 40 people team is not easy. With horair.es everything is simpler

Because I can access horair.es at anytime with my phone and tablet, I can use my commute to work on my schedules.

Cécile, Chief resident, CHUV Lausanne

I can finally know when my wife is working the night shift.